Curriculum Update - News & Notes

HG&D Mission Statement

The Cedarburg School District Human Growth and Development curriculum will support and respect the family’s role as primary educator and reflect the diverse values of the community. Our curriculum will promote the development of responsible decision making and healthy behaviors.

            CSD Human Growth & Development 2013-14 Timeline

Parent Letter


Parent Night

Forms Due

Instruction Begins

9th grade

Nov. 5th 

Nov. 19th

Nov. 22nd

Dec (1st Sem) May (2nd Sem)

8th grade

Nov. 12th

Dec. 3rd

Dec. 10th


7th grade

Nov. 12th

Dec. 3rd

Dec. 10th


6th grade

Nov. 12th

Dec. 3rd

Dec. 10th

Jan (1st sem.)
May (2nd sem.)

5th grade

Jan. 9th   

Jan. 30th 

Jan. 31st


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Join Us in Celebrating Our Students' Success as Reported on the State School Report Card and District Report Card

We are thrilled to report…

  • Cedarburg School District earned the third highest accountability score in the state of all K-12 public school districts!!
  • Cedarburg High School earned the highest accountability score in the state of any 9-12 public high school!!
  • Webster Transitional School earned the fourth highest accountability score in the state of any 6-8 public middle school!!
  • Three schools received the accountability rating of Significantly Exceeds Expectations!!
  • Two schools received the accountability rating of Exceeds Expectations!!
  • All schools demonstrated growth in math, reading or both areas!!
  • All schools demonstrated growth in Closing Gaps with one or more subgroups (Special Education, Socioeconomic Status, Racial/Ethnic groups)!!

The Cedarburg School District is proud of our accomplishments and thank parents and community members for their continue support in making Cedarburg School District THE destination district.

2012-13 District and School Report Cards Released - Cedarburg continues a tradition of quality education 

As part of the new state accountability system, reflected in Wisconsin’s approved Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has produced report cards for every district and school in Wisconsin.  Overall our schools continue to make outstanding progress in providing a topnotch education to all students.  We are proud and thrilled to share our scores with you, visit our school report card page here.



Last Updated: 3/31/14