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Update on the District Gifted & Talented Program

At the Curriculum Committee of the Board meeting on Monday, September 28, 2015, Dr. Scott Peters, a Gifted & Talented Consultant from UW-Whitewater, presented his recommendations on the improvement of the G&T programming and services within the Cedarburg Schools.  For over a year, the district has consulted with Dr. Peters to assess and build on the success of our district G&T Program.

Goals included:

  • To locate and help district leaders develop programs, interventions, and services, that if provided to students by the district, would help in the identification process;
  • To provide recommendations and suggestions for services that would appeal to district parents as well as potential residents to the district;
  • To provide a range of options for advanced academic services including those which would involve no additional staff and cost as well as those that would involve substantial change to existing practice and/or additional investment.

The District will be developing action plans around these recommendations through a committee structure to begin as early as October 2015. Check back on this site for updates on the committee progress. 

For his full report, please follow this link to the Dr. Peters report and PowerPoint from his evening presentation.

E2: Enrich & Extend Brochure
E2: Enrich & Extend Brochure
E2 (Enrich & Extend): Cedarburg's K-8 Gifted and Talented Program

Introduction and Overview

The mission of the Cedarburg School District is to provide an exemplary education that challenges students in a nurturing environment to become lifelong learners, to be responsible members of a global society and to achieve their goals and dreams.

Cedarburg School District E2: Enrich & Extend G/T Handbook and Form including identification protocols.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recommends that, in a general population of students, approximately 20% need challenges with above grade level expectations. Since Cedarburg students traditionally score above both the state and national populations, our basic curriculum and instruction supports a higher level of achievement. Most challenge needs are met through instructional differentiation that may include small group experiences with students of similar abilities and talents. A small number of students will require an Individual Differentiated Education Plan. The purpose of gifted and talented programming in the Cedarburg School District is to recognize, nurture, and support the needs of students whose academic, intellectual, creative, emotional, and leadership capabilities transcend the regular curriculum.

  • Multiple criteria are used to identify students whose academic, intellectual, creative, emotional, and leadership capabilities transcend the regular classroom.
  • The implementation of differentiated instruction is supported in order to challenge students in a manner that optimizes their potential in the regular education classroom.
  • Nurturing educational environments support the social and emotional growth and unique needs of students.
  • Professional development opportunities foster an increased ability to recognize, nurture, and support the needs of bright students in the regular classroom.

We believe that gifted programming is an integral part of the total educational program.Gifted behavior emerges in people at different times and under different circumstances.The school district will provide modifications and adaptations when giftedness is identified and accommodations are warranted.

Application of Common Core State Standards for Gifted and Talented Students

The common core language arts and mathematics state standards have been written to uphold and advance high standards for all students. But, one size does not fit all. For some students – those at the top end of the performance spectrum – fidelity to grade-level standards can actually limit learning.  Resources from The National Association for Gifted Children.

Additional Resources
Destination ImagiNation enlightened

Northwestern University Center forTalent Development

Wi. Association for Talented & Gifted (WATG) National  Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)


Grades 1st - 8th Grades K - 12th Grades K - 12th Grades K - 12th
  Register to take the Explore, ACT or SAT assessment as part of the Midwest Academic Talent Search. WATG is a state-wide organiztion for educators and parents of gifted children. NAGC is for parents, teachers, and administrators interested in spreading knowledge and awareness about gifted education.
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Wisconsin Center for
Talented Youth (WCATY)
Knowledge Master Open (KMO) Math League  National Geographic Spelling Bee
Grades 1st - 5th Grades 5th & 6th Grades 4th & 5th Grades 4th & 5th 
Grades 6th - 8th Grades 7th - 12th Grades 6th -12th Grades 6th - 8th
WCATY's mission is to nurture Wisconsin's most academically talented students by providing programs that support, motivate, and challenge them.   The contest takes place in April. The contest takes place in December and January.
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