Professional development takes place at multiple levels: 1) district-wide, 2) content specific, 3) role specific, 4) building specific and 5) individual professional . The District Leadership Council, with input from the building leadership teams, guides the planning of professional development. Each year staff development is evaluated in the district. The overall district goal is to plan high quality staff development experiences that are responsive to the needs of our teachers, both in the present and looking forward into the future.

District-wide Professional Development
District-wide staff development is designed to build the common knowledge base of all teachers in the district. This development takes place on designated inservice or early release days. Building administrators and teacher teams assume the responsibility for following up with additional learning experiences throughout the year.

Content-Specific Professional Development
Our 7 Year Curriculum Development Cycle requires focused new learning in years 1 & 5.

Year One - Review current literature and research; review state and national standards (content, technology/ media literacy, gifted and talented and service learning); assess and coordinate curriculum; view exemplary programs.
Year Five - Conduct staff development; implement/ monitor/ refine/ revise curriculum, develop resource guides/ units/ course guides, develop and refine grade level and district level assessments, present curriculum to Board of Education for adoption. This staff development typically takes place during the school year - release time or after school.

Role-Specific Professional Development
Some teachers receive staff development that is specific to their roles and responsibilities. Upon receiving the training, these teachers serve as a resource to other teachers in the district. This staff development typically takes place during release time.

Building-Specific Professional Development
Staff development is part of the School Improvement process. A data-driven needs assessment is completed and staff development is designed by teachers and principal to support continuous improvement. This staff development typically takes place on Early Release Days and throughout the year during faculty meetings and release time.

Individual Professional Development
Individual Professional Development Plans compel teachers to pursue staff development that meets their individual growth goals. These experiences may be taken for graduate credit and this staff development typically takes place outside of the school day.

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