Response to Education (RtI) 

RtI is grounded in the belief that ALL students can learn and achieve high standards when provided with effective teaching, evidence-based instruction, and access to a standards-based curriculum. A comprehensive system of tiered interventions is essential for addressing the full range of students’ academic and behavioral needs. Collaboration among administrators, educators, families, and communities is the foundation of responsive education. On-going academic and behavioral performance data should inform instructional decisions.

Cedarburg School District RtI Handbook

Wisconsin Vision for Response to Intervention (RtI)
In Wisconsin's vision for RtI, the three essential elements of high quality instruction, balanced assessment, and collaboration systematically interact within a multi-level system of support to provide the structures to increase success for all students. Culturally responsive practices are central to an effective RtI system and are evident within each of the three essential elements. In a multi-level system of support, schools employ the three essential elements of RtI at varying levels of intensity based upon student responsiveness to instruction and intervention. These elements do not work in isolation. Rather, all components of the visual model inform and are impacted by the others; this relationship forms Wisconsin’s vision for RtI.  More information can be found at Wisconsin Vision for RtI at the DPI.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Last Updated: 9/29/15

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