Course Syllabus

Cedarburg High School

Ancient Civilizations

 Course Syllabus


                                  Course Title:  Ancient Civilization                                                Instructor:  Mr. MacCallum

                                  Room: 201                                                                                         Email =


  1. Course Description

Welcome to your Ancient Civilization class.  This class is intended to be a comprehensive study of the ancient world from the time known as Pre-history leading up to and through the emergence of Europe and the Middle Ages. In doing so, we will explore the origins, cultures and histories of various peoples and civilizations. Our own history as a country has been undeniably shaped by the events of the world’s past.

  1. Course Objectives
  • Read, interpret, and analyze primary documents and sources.
  • Analyze and explain the way groups, societies, and cultures address human needs and concerns.
  • Demonstrate the value of cultural diversity, as well as cohesion, within and across groups.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of geographical concepts.
  • Identify and describe significant historical periods and patterns of change within and across cultures.
  • Trace the development of key components of culture including religion, language, government, science, economics, technology and the arts.
  • Transfer the thematic connections between the past, present, and future.
  • Analyze how major movements in history have impacted contemporary America.
  • Understand the successes and failures of the past and apply the lessons learned to your individual experience.
  • To develop the cooperative learning skills necessary to work successfully with others.
  • Further develop problem solving, critical thinking, analytical, writing, reading and study skills.


  1. Class expectations
  1. Regular daily and prompt attendance. Come to class prepared to learn everyday on time.

1st Tardy = See me,                             2nd Tardy = Call to parent/guardian

3rd Tardy = Detention w/ Mr. Mac      4th Tardy = Referral to your Administrator

  1. Homework must be done in its entirety and turned in on time with proper heading.
    • Late work will be penalized one letter grade per day it is late.
    • All work must be done using complete sentences and be legible.
  2. Take class and reading notes, ask questions, and participate in discussion.
  3. Come to class prepared everyday with your textbook, notebook, binder, and pen.
  4. Absences must be excused by parent/guardian to make-up missed work
  5. Any student caught cheating will get a zero for the assignment or test and your parents, guidance counselor, and school administrators will be notified.
  6. I expect you to use the bathroom and get a drink if needed during hall passing times.


  1. Grading procedure and scale


Homework                    20%                       
Participation   10%
Notebook   10%
Minor Assessments   25%
Major Assessments   35%


Final Grade:

Quarter 1    = 40%

Quarter 2    = 40%

Final Exam = 20%



In accordance with Cedarburg High School student handbook.


98-100%    -A+

93-97%     - A                        Excellent work, exceeds expectations and requirements

90-92%     - A-

88-89%     - B+

83-87%     - B                         Above average, accurate and complete, meets all requirements.

80-82%     - B-

78-79%    - C+

73-77%    - C                          Average, merely meets requirements, rudimentary understanding.

70-72%    - C-

68-69%    - D+

63-67%    - D                          Below average, not meeting all requirements, poor level of understanding.

60-62%    - D-

Below 60% F                         Work is incomplete, not handed in, or does not meet minimal requirements


  1. Course outline
  • Foundations of Civilization (Prehistory – 39000 B.C.)
    • Understanding Our Past
    • Turning Point:  The Neolithic Revolution
    • The Beginnings of Civilization
  • Ancient Middle East and Egypt (3200 – 500 B.C.)
    • City-States of Ancient Sumer
    • Kingdom of the Nile
    • Egyptian Civilization
  • Ancient India and China, (2600 B.C. – A.D. 550)
    • Early Civilizations of India and Pakistan
    • Hinduism and Buddhism
    • Rise of Civilization in China
  • Ancient Greece (1750 B.C. – 133 B.C.)
    • Early People of the Aegean
    • The Rise of Greek City-States
    • Alexander and the Hellenistic Age
  • Ancient Rome
    • The Roman World Takes Shape
    • The Roman Achievement
    • The Long Decline
  • Civilizations of the Americas
    • Mesoamerica
    • Andean Cultures of S. America
    • Peoples of North America
  • Muslim Civilizations
    • The Rise of Islam
    • Islamic Contributions
  • The Rise of Europe
    • The Early Middle Ages
    • Feudalism
  • The High and Late Middle Ages
    • Royal Power Grows
    • The Crusades and the Wider World


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