Course Syllabus

Anatomy & Physiology I                               Dr. Johnson’s Office Hours First Semester: 3rd and 8th


Required Materials:

A file folder or 3-Ring binder.  This will only contain Anatomy & Physiology class papers, returned test, quizzes, and class notes.  The contents should be kept in an organized fashion for easy reference and grading.



            Textbook: Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb

            Class Website:


Tardies and Cheating:

In accordance with CHS Tardy Policy, the first 2 tardies results in a warning, the 3rd tardy results in a parent contact by the teacher.  4th tardy results in a 15 minute detention served with the teacher. 5th and 6th tardies result in  1 hour school detentions and loss of class exam exemption.

Cheating on assignments or assessments will result in a zero for the work, a phone call home and a disciplinary referral.  Don’t cheat, instead ask for help!


School policy allows the number of make-up days to equal the number of days missed. For example, if you miss three days due to illness, you have three days to make up the missing work.

Late Work

All work is expected to be handed in on time. Any late work will be penalized from 10% to a grade of zero at the instructor’s discretion. Please talk to the instructor if you have a special circumstance regarding your assignment.



Labs (25%)  Anatomy and Physiology labs may be a formal lab with a complete write-up of procedures, data and conclusions. At other times the lab may be informal with only a work sheet to complete.

Quizzes (25%)  All quizzes are announced in advanced.  If you miss a quiz, a different version of the quiz will be administered. 

Tests (40%)  All tests are announced in advanced.  If you miss a test, a different version of the test will be administered.  

Worksheets and Daily Assignments (10%)  Worksheets and group assignments are included in this category.  


98-100 A+          87-89 B+         77-79 C+               67-69 D+           

 93-97   A            83-86 B           73-76 C                 63-66 D

 90-92   A-          80-82 B-          70-72 C-               60-62 D-