Emergency Information for Families

School Closing

In the event of inclement weather, The Cedarburg School District will send an automated message to all district families.  Local media and the district  and school websites will also post closings and delays.  Please view the Superintendent letter for more information.

Emergency Communication

The Cedarburg School District communicates with families in a variety of methods.  Communication during emergency situations will be sent using the School Messenger/Skylert application.  Families are encouraged to keep their Skylert communication methods and contact information current by logging in to Skyward Family Access and configuring preferences for phone, email and text message communication. Instructions to do so may be found here.

The district and school websites will be updated as necessary with essential information as available. 

District Emergency Response 

Cedarburg School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors. As such school district personnel have worked to strengthen and coordinate Emergency Response Plans. Additionally, we work closely with national, state and local safety officials such as police, fire, emergency management,  and public safety officials – to ensure our schools are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

Each school conducts drills throughout the school year to help students and staff prepare for possible emergencies. Good planning and practice will facilitate a rapid, coordinated, and effective response should a crisis occur. Children and youth rely on and find comfort in the adults who protect them. Knowledge of what to do in the time of crisis can help students and adults be prepared and calm in the time of crisis.

Please see the document below for an overview of safety procedures and helpful links to resources for families.

School Emergency Information Guide for Parents and Guardians


Last Updated: 12/8/16

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