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State School Report Card

Join us in Celebrating our Students’ Success as Reported on the State School Report Card and District Report Card.
We are thrilled to report:
  • Cedarburg School District earned the fifth highest accountability score in the state of all K-12 public school districts!
  • With an adjusted accountability score of 90.6, Cedarburg High School earned (unofficially), the highest accountability score in the state of a comprehensive 9-12 public high school, with a school enrollment exceeding 200 students!! *
  • Webster Transitional School earned the ninth highest accountability score in the state of any 6-8 public middle school with a school enrollment exceeding 50 students!!
  • Three schools received the accountability rating of Significantly Exceeds Expectations!!
  • Three schools demonstrated growth in math, reading or both areas!!
  • All schools demonstrated growth in Closing Gaps with one or more targeted subgroups (Special Education, Socioeconomic Status, Racial/Ethnic subgroups)!!
The Cedarburg School District is proud of our accomplishments and thanks parents and community members for their continued support in making Cedarburg School District THE destination district.
*The WI DPI applied a 5-point deduction to CHS due to parents exercising their right to opt their child out of the test.  The deduction was made under the Student Engagement Indicators, specifically Test Participation Rate, for a targeted subgroup.  The district believes that the effect of this deduction grossly miscommunicates the efficacy and effectiveness of the academic program at CHS. Therefore, the district is restating the earned accountability score, without the deduction, for equitable state-wide comparisons. Also, this restatement of school ranking excludes charter schools, choice schools and public high schools with school enrollments averaging less than 50 students per grade.

Congratulations Parkview Elementary School 

The Cedarburg School District and community are thrilled to recognize Parkview Elementary School as being the recipient of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction High Achieving and High Progress Title I School Awards.

Parkview is one of only eight schools in the State to receive this distinction. To receive this High Achieving School Recognition, Parkview had to meet all Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for achievement and graduation, have achievement gaps that are less than three (3) percentage points between student groups or show evidence of reducing gaps greater than three (3) percentage points and demonstrate high achievement at the school level.

It is an amazing accomplishment to receive one recognition but to receive two is simply outstanding. To receive this High Progress School Recognition, Parkview had to also fall within the top 10 percent of schools experiencing student growth in reading and mathematics for elementary or the top 10 percent of schools with the greatest improvement in high school graduation rates, and have achievement gaps that are less than three (3) percentage points between student groups or show evidence of reducing gaps greater than three (3) percentage points. 

Parkview will be recognized on October 13th at a ceremony taking place at the State Capitol along with a $500 gift for use by the school.  

Cedarburg School District Acknowledged for High Student Achievement

Congratulations to the Cedarburg Class of 2014 for achieving the highest composite ACT score in school history of 25.3. The class also achieved the highest percentage of students tested with 87%. Out of the 241 students that took the ACT, a school record 58 students achieved a 30 or higher and will be featured on our Academic Hall of Fame’s ACT 30+ wall. “We are proud of our students and their school record on the ACT. The continual effort by our staff and parents to help all students achieve their highest potential is recognized with this accomplishment,” says Jeff Nelson, CHS Principal.
The outstanding ACT test results attained by Cedarburg students reflect the work of every teacher in the district. It is a complete team effort from kindergarten through twelfth grade that allows us to celebrate the success of our students. Specifically, the high school staff and administration are recognized for efforts that have focused on increasingly rigorous curriculum and instruction and the implementation of best practices in the classroom. They have increased the focus on College and Career Readiness and engaged in professional development and dialogue on the College and Career Readiness Standards, with an emphasis on literacy across all disciplines.
CHS uses multiple measures to assess student progress along the educational continuum. Applying a “growth mindset”, students are challenged through an expansive curriculum and expert instruction to excel. This mindset has proven to be effective given the ACT trend over the past five years. 
We are extremely thrilled about this accomplishment. The collective efforts of students, parents, teachers and administrators in establishing high expectations and providing the needed support to meet those expectations makes such an accomplishment possible. We are grateful that our community values a high quality education and supports the work of those involved; this is what makes Cedarburg School District the destination district,” said Todd Bugnacki, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Cedarburg Academic Standards and Curriculum

The Cedarburg School District exceeds the State of Wisconsin adopted Academic Standards. Using the latest research from multiple professional sources throughout the educational field, Cedarburg School District develops Standards that align with our district's mission in providing a world class education for our students. More information on our local control of Standards and Curriculum can be found here.



About the Cedarburg School District

Cedarburg School District, located about 17 miles north of Milwaukee in the heart of Ozaukee county, offers its 3,100 students a rigorous education preparing students for college, work and beyond. Distinguished as one of the top school districts in Wisconsin by the Public Policy Forum, Cedarburg schools consistently achieve one of the state's top rankings in Math, Science and Reading, as well as boasting a graduation rate of 99%. In 2012 Cedarburg students achieved an average ACT score of 25.2, far surpassing the national average of 21.1 and the state average of 22.1. Ozaukee County was ranked the #2 "Best Place in America to Raise a Family" by Forbes magazine, and the "Healthiest County in Wisconsin" by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Last Updated: 11/14/14