School Board Policies

Table of Contents



Series 100:  Board Operations

110 School District Mission
120 School District Legal Status
131 Board Elections
132 Board Vacancies
133 Filling Board Vacancies
133R Procedures for Filling Board Vacancies
141.1 Board Officer Elections
141.2 Board Officer Duties
142 School Attorney
143 Consultants
150 Board Powers and Duties
151 Board Policy Development and Review
151.3 Administration in Policy Absence
161 Board Member Authority
163 Board Member Development Opportunities
164 Board Member Compensation
165 Board Member Behavior and Ethical Standards
165.1 Conflicts of Interest
166 Board Use of Electronic Communication Systems
170 Board Meetings
171.1 Public Notification of Board Meetings
171.2 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
173 Closed Sessions
175 Board Appeal Hearings
175R Appeal Hearing Procedures
181 Rules of Order
183 Voting Method
184 Board Minutes
185 Board Committees
186 Advisory Committees to the Board
186R Citizen Advisory Committee Guidelines
187 Public Participation at Board Meetings

Series 200:  Administration

211 Administrator Ethics
221 Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
222.1 Compensation Guides for Administrative Personnel and Specialists
222.2 Extension, Renewal and/or Termination of Superintendent's Employment
222.2R Procedures for Extension, Renewal and/or Termination of the Superintendent's Employment
225 Evaluation of the Superintendent
225R Superintendent Evaluation Procedures
225Ex Board Evaluation of Superintendent Form
225.1 Evaluation of Administrative Personnel and Specialists
251 Line and Staff Relations
252 Superintendent's Administrative Council
253.1 Development of Administrative Regulations
260 Temporary Administrative Arrangements
270 School District Reports

Series 300:  Instruction

311 Educational Improvement
321 School Calendar
322 School Day
322R Hours of Student Contact/Instructional Time
330 Curriculum Development and Improvement
330R Curriculum Development and Improvement Guidelines
333 Parents Rights and District Programs/Activities
335 Intellectual Property
335R District Procedures Governing Intellectual Property
335Ex Intellectual Property Policy Acknowledgement
342.1 Programs for Students with Disabilities (Special Education)
342.11 Independent Educational Evaluations
342.11R Independent Educational Evaluation Procedures
342.3R Gifted Program Guidelines
342.4 Programs for Disadvantaged Students (Title I Programs)
342.6 Program or Curriculum Modifications
342.61 Programs for English Language Learners
342.61R Procedures for Assessing English Language Learners
343.2 Class Size Policy
343.2R Class Size Guidelines
343.42 Youth Options Program
343.42R General Application Procedures for Participation in Youth Options Program Courses
343.5 Use of Videotapes of Student/Teacher Performances
345.1 Grading Systems
345.2 Student Progress Reporting
345.3 Homework
345.4 Student Promotion and Retention (Grades K-8)
345.6 Graduation Requirements
345.6R1 Guidelines for Awarding High School Credit Toward Graduation
345.6R2 Early Graduation Procedures
346 Student Assessments
347 Student Records
347R Procedures for the Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records
352 School-Sponsored Student Trips/Travel
352R Student Trip/Travel Procedures
352Ex1 Student Trip/Travel Authorization to Consent to Treatment of Student
352Ex2 Release, Waiver and Indemnification of Liability
352Ex3 Extended Trip Permission Form
352Ex4 Extended Trip Evaluation Form
352.1 Student Extended Travel
352.1R Student Extended Travel Procedures
352.1Ex1 Extended Travel Permission Form
352.1Ex2 Extended Travel Authorization to Consent to Treatment of Student
352.1Ex3 Release, Waiver and Indemnification of Liability for Extended Travel
352.1Ex4 Extended Travel Evaluation Form
353 Community Resource Persons
353.1 School Volunteers
353.1R Guidelines for School Volunteer Orientation
353.1Ex School Volunteer Application
354 Before and After-School Day Care Programs
361.1 Selection of Textbooks and Related Materials
361.1R Procedure for Selecting Textbooks and Related Materials
361.2 Selection of IMC Materials
361.2R Procedures for the Selection and Review of IMC Materials
362.1 Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan)
362.1R Interlibrary Loan Guidelines
363.1 Instructional Television
363.11 Videotaping and Other Use of District Video Equipment
363.11R Guidelines for Off-Air Recording of Broadcast Programming
363.2 Student Acceptable Use of Technology
363.2Ex1 User Agreement and Parent Permission Form (K-8)
363.2Ex2 User Agreement and Parent Permission Form (9-12)
363.3 Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs
364 Guidance Program
370 Interscholastic and Extracurricular Activities
371 School-Sponsored Activities
372 Student Publications
372R Guidelines for School-Sponsored Student Publications
374 Student and School Group Fundraising Activities
374Ex1 Fundraising Request and Report
374Ex2 Planned Fundraising Report
383 Animals in the Classroom
383R Procedures for Live Animals in the Classroom

Series 400:  Students

410 Anti-Bullying Policy
410R Anti-Bullying Policy Guidelines
411 Equal Educational Opportunities
411R Student Discrimination Complaint Procedures
411.1 Harassment
411.1R Harassment Complaint Procedures
411.1Ex Harassment Complaint Form
412.1 Fulltime Students
420 School Admission
420R1 Procedures for Placing Transfer Students from Home-Based Private Educational Programs
420R2 Procedures for Enrollment and Placement of Homeless Children & Youth
421 Entrance Age
421R Procedures for Early Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade
421Ex1 Application for Early Admission to Kindergarten
421Ex2 Application for Early Admission to First Grade
422 Admission of Nonresident Students
422R Procedures for Nonresident Students Intending to Establish Residency in the District
422Ex Application for Enrollment and Declaration of Intent to Establish Residence
422.1 Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
423 Participation of Non-Public School Students in District Courses/Program
424 Public School Open Enrollment Policy
424R Open Enrollment Procedures
431 Student Attendance
431R Student Attendance/Truancy Procedures
431Ex Notification of Habitual Truancy
433 Assignment of Students to Elementary Schools (Intra-district Transfers)
433R Intra-district Transfer Procedures
441.2 Student Representatives to the Board
443 Student Conduct
443.1 Student Dress
443.1R Student Dress Guidelines
443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses
443.2R Bus Rider Rules
443.4 Student Use of Alcohol and/or Controlled Substances
443.4R Disciplinary Procedures for Student Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy Violations
443.5 Student Possession and Use of Two-Way Communication Devices
443.6 Possession and Use of Nuisance and Hazardous Items or Materials
443.7 Academic Honesty
444 Married Students/School-Age Parents
445 Student Interviews/Questioning by Outside Agency Personnel
445R Guidelines for Student Interviews/Questioning by Outside Agency Personnel
446 Student Searches
446.1 Locker Searches
447 Student Discipline
447.1 Staff Use of Physical Force
447.3 Student Suspension and Expulsions
447.3R Expulsion Procedures
447.31 Suspension/Expulsion of Students with Disabilities
448 Students of Legal Age
448R Students of Legal Age Procedures
448Ex1 Student Application for Age of Majority
448Ex2 Administrative Letter to Inform Parent of Student Age of Majority Application
453.1 Health & Nursing Services
453.11 Defibrillator Use in Schools
453.11R Defibrillator Use Procedures
453.2 Student Immunizations
453.3 Communicable Diseases
453.3R Procedure for the Prevention of the Transmission of HIV/Aids in Schools
453.4 Administering Medications to Students
453.4R Medication Administration Procedures
453.4Ex1 Medication Authorization - Parent and Physician Form
453.4Ex3 Severe Allergy Authorization - Parent and Guardian Form
454 Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect
454R Information and Procedures for Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect
457 Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention
457R Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Procedures
458 School Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity
458R1 General Procedures for Implementing School Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity
458R2 District Nutrition Standards
460 Student Scholarships
461 Cedarburg Scholarship Fund
5451.02 Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarships

Series 500:  Personnel

511 Equal Opportunity Employment
511R Employee Discrimination Complaint Procedures
522 Staff Ethics
522.2 Standards of Professional Conduct
522.5 Political Activity in Schools
522.7 Acceptable Use of Technology
522.7Ex 1 Receipt of Acceptable Use of Technology Policy Form
523.1 Staff Physical Examinations
523.2 Employees Occupationally Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens
525 Staff Sales and Solicitations
532.1 Staff Negotiations
532.31 Sabbatical Leave
533 Staff Hiring
533.1 Pre-Employment Background Checks
536 Non-Renewal, Resignation and Termination Policy
536.3 Professional Staff Retirement
542 Working Conditions for Non-Teaching Employees (Support Staff)
546.3 Support Staff Retirement Non-Renewal, Resignation and Termination Policy

Series 600:  Fiscal Management

620 Annual Operating Budget
620R Budget Preparation Procedures
623 Budget Implementation
630 Indebtedness
631 Financing of Capital Projects
652 Investment Earnings
652R Allowable Investment Instruments
653.1 Free Admissions
655 Lease of School Facilities
656 Student Fees
661 Depository of Funds
661Ex Designated Depositories for School District Funds
662.1 Student Activities Fund Management
6621R Student Activity Funds Management Procedures
662.2 Petty Cash Accounts
662.3 Fund Balance
663 Bonded Employees and Officers
664 Cash in School Buildings
671.2 Expense Reimbursements
671.2R Expense Reimbursement Procedures
671.2Ex1 District Leave Request (Travel/Conference Attendance)
671.2Ex2 Request for Travel Expenses
671.4 Extra Compensation Payroll
672 Purchasing
672R Bidding Procedures
673 Payment Procedures
681 Accounting System
690 Disposal of School Property

Series 700:  Support Services

720 Safety Program
720R Safety Committee Procedures
721 Buildings and Grounds Inspections
721R Buildings and Grounds Inspection Procedures
723 Emergency Response Plan
723.5 Crisis Communication
723.5R Crisis Communication Procedures
724 Swimming Pool Safety
725 Playground Safety
725R Guidelines for Reviewing Playground Equipment Designs
731.1 Privacy in School Locker Rooms
733 Energy Management
733R Energy Management Guidelines
743 Waste Reduction and Recycling
751 Student Transportation Services
751R Student Transportation Procedures
751.21 Use of Video Monitoring Systems on School Buses
751.21R Bus Video Monitoring Procedures
763 Food Service Automated Payment System
771.1 Use of Copyrighted Material
780 Insurance Management
780R Insurance Coverage Guidelines

Series 800:  School-Community Relations

821.2 News Releases
823 Access to Public Records
823Ex1 Public Notice Regarding Access to Records
823Ex2 Request for Public Records (Cost Estimate)
823Ex3 Board Member Consent
830 Public Use of School Facilities
830R1 Use of School Facilities Procedures
830R2 Special Provisions Related to Game Field Rental
830R3 Special Provisions Related to Cedarburg Performing Arts Center Use
830Ex1 General Facility Use Fee Schedule
830Ex2 Facility Use Application
830Ex3 Cedarburg Performing Arts Center Rental Fee Schedule
830Ex4 Cedarburg Performing Arts Center Facility Use
831 Alcohol and/or Other Substance Abuse
831R Procedures for Enforcing Alcohol and/or Other Substance Abuse
840 Public Gifts to the Schools
841 Student Memorials
851 Commercial Activities and Advertising
852 Distribution of Non-School Materials to Students Through the Schools
852R Procedures for the Distribution of Non-School Materials to Students through the Schools
860 Visitors to the Schools
870 Complaints, Concerns and Questions (Communication Protocol)
870R Communication Protocol for Responding to Complaints, Concerns and Questions
871 Public Complaints about Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
871R Procedure for Handling Objections to Selected Textbooks or Other Instructional Materials
871Ex1 Request of Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
871Ex2 Sample Letter to Complainant
872 Public Complaints about School Personnel
872R Procedure for Dealing with Public Complaints about District Employees
872Ex Public Complaint about School Personnel Form
880 Local Government Relations
881.2 Relations with Parent Organizations
882.1 Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
891.1 Student Teachers and Interns
891.1R Student Teachers and Interns Procedures
891.1Ex1 Student Teacher Information Form
891.2R Guidelines for Student Teachers and Interns
895 Relations with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA)

Series 900:  Facilities Development

940 Naming School Facilities, Sites, Athletic Fields and Areas


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