CSD Mission: The mission of the Cedarburg School District is to provide an exemplary education that challenges students in a nurturing environment to develop into lifelong learners, to become responsible adults and to achieve their goals and dreams.
4K Purpose: In collaboration with parents and the community, and in a safe and nurturing environment, Cedarburg School District is committed to provide engaging, inquiry and play-based experiences for all four-year-olds, that promotes each child’s success!

Four Year-Old Kindergarten

Welcome to Cedarburg School District and specifically, to our 4K Program! Our 4K program provides you and your children:

ACCESS - 4K for every child!

QUALITY - 4K programming that is research based, developmentally appropriate and rich with meaningful learning experiences!

COHERENCE - 4K learning experiences and outcome that prepare each child for 5K and beyond within district elementary schools!

As a premier public school district in the country, our 4K program allows students to gain excellent preparation for the remainder of their school years and access to quality early education.

Cedarburg offers a half-day 4 year-old kindergarten program, five days a week at its three elementary schools - Parkview, Thorson, and Westlawn. Morning and afternoon sessions are 8:50 - 11:35 AM and 12:50- 3:35 PM. Enrollment in morning or afternoon session is determined on a case-by-case basis upon completing step 1 of the enrollment process, explained on the registration page. Parents may submit additional information they believe is important to the placement decision process through Step 1 / Online Student Enrollment.   All placement decisions will be made on/before May 26, 2017.

The first day of school for the 2017-18 school year for 4 Year Old Kindergarten is either September 5 or 6. We have a staggered start, allowing children to be acclimated in a smaller class the first day. Parents will be notified of which day your child will start.
2017-18 School Calendar

We are thrilled to have your child in our school….soon to be the class of 2031!

Beliefs About Learning:  All students will learn and grow when they….

Instructional characteristics our students will demonstrate as learners…..


Language Development & Communication

Math and Scientific Thinking

Social/ Emotional Development

Health and Physical Development

See themselves as readers and writers through active inquiry.

Develop into independent thinkers and learners.

Begin to explore and develop a love for listening to, and reading books.

Frequent opportunities to talk, discuss, listen, ask questions and engage.  

Develop a love of literacy by engaging in play and discovery.

See themselves as mathematicians and scientists.

Experience an environment that promotes curiosity.

Construct numeracy knowledge by engaging in play and discovery.

Explore, discover and problem solve through hands-on, activity-based, small group learning experiences.

Manipulate and play with objects so that they can develop clear links between their own environment and the math concepts they are learning.

Develop strong early relationships.   

Develop social competence (the ability to achieve personal goals in social interactions while maintaining positive social relationships with others).

Acquire mastery of their emotions, perceptions, cognition and language skills.

Grow their social competence, self-concept  and self-regulation, all needed to succeed and problem-solve in a variety of social settings.

Developing awareness of self in relations to others and sense of well-being in the world.

Children’s future health and well being are directly related to the development and strengthening of their large and small muscles, involvement in sensory experiences, and the practicing of healthy behavior.

Good physical health and motor development allows for full participation in learning experiences.

Our Commitments...

To our Students
We believe all students will learn when they….

To our Parents
Our commitments to families and our community, we will....

To one Another
Together, we will...

  • Construct knowledge by engaging in play and discovery.

  • See themselves as learners.

  • Are provided dynamic learning experiences that encourage students to think and problem solve.

  • Learn within a language-rich environment that supports a variety of learning styles and abilities.

  • Encouraged to experiment, question, and make choices.

  • Are provided with classroom routines that are consistent and predictable.

  • Develop a positive student/teacher relationship.

  • Having a safe, comfortable, developmentally appropriate, learning environment.

  • Engage families through educational experiences that support them as their child’s first teacher and also to support their child’s learning journey.

  • Foster a strong partnership foundation.

  • Recognize that our community shares a strong commitment to the growth of their children.

  • Recognize and embrace that children enter school at different levels of development.

  • Plan and utilize assessment information to inform our instruction..

  • Collaborate with one another to learn, support and grow our expertise as 4K teachers within a 4K-12 school system.

  • Utilize regular cycles of inquiry to ensure instruction matches the needs of students.

  • Create a learning environment rich in discourse.  

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