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The Cedarburg School District contracts transportation services with GoRiteway Transportation Services.  Riteway has informed the district that letters identifying routes and times for the 2016-17 school year will be mailed to eligible families approximately one week before the start of school.  Please allow ten minutes on both sides of listed pick-up and drop-off times.

Transportation Guidelines

Determination of transportation service is based upon a vicinity of one (1) mile for pupils K-8 and two (2) miles or more for pupils 9-12.  Student eligibility is based on home residence to school along the most commonly traveled route as determined annually by the district, and will take into consideration enrollment, bus routes, natural boundaries, access to schools, documented safety hazards, severe medical conditions, and other relevant factors. 

Private Transportation Contract

Those students not eligible for transportation service may apply to purchase a seat on the bus under the following conditions:

  1. Student must reside in the Cedarburg School District;
  2. Route must have seating space available;
  3. Existing pick-up/drop-off points must be utilized;
  4. Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis;
  5. If route becomes filled during the course of the school year, contracts will be terminated in the order of last received and money refunded on a prorated basis;
  6. Contracts will be based on Monday thru Friday service for either one-way or round-trip;
  7. Contract must be signed, returned and paid in full before service can begin.

If you are interested in this service, please complete a Private Transportation Contract and return it to the District Office.  Forms can be found at your child/ren's school, in the District Office or on the district website. If you have questions please contact Cathy Kuche, Business Services Assistant, at 262-376-6101 or at

Transportation to Childcare Provider

The legal responsibility of the district in transporting children to and from school is limited to providing services to their home residence.  The district will provide transportation to and from a location other than a student's home (i.e. child care provider) under the following conditions:

  1. Student must be eligible for transportation service based on home residence;
  2. Alternate location must be within the same public elementary school attendance area in which the student resides and/or attends (unless both the school district and bus company determine that another existing bus route could be used more efficiently).
  3. The alternate location must also be in an area eligible for transportation service;
  4. A regular pattern of delivery must be established Monday - Friday;
  5. A Student Transportation Form must be completed and returned to your child's school office.  These forms can be found at your child's school and on the District website.

The district requires a signed note from home whenever any child, whether or not entitled to busing, is to ride the bus home with a friend, even if it is to a destination on the child's normal bus route.  These notes must be approved by the principal and presented to the bus driver.  In the event that a child in grades K-5 will not be riding the bus home after school, we require a signed note designating who is going to pick up the child.

Bus Discipline

The Cedarburg School District requires students to conduct themselves while on a school bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior.  The rules established are basic points necessary to assist the bus driver in doing his/her job of transporting children safely.

  1. Students are to be at pick-up points on time and follow the directions of the bus driver for loading and unloading.
  2. Students are to keep hands, arms, legs and objects to themselves.
  3. Articles other than those associated with school activity may not be transported unless prior approval has been obtained from the principal.  At no time will animals be permitted except as allowed by s.s. 174.056.  The driver may designate where items are to be carried in the vehicle.
  4. Loud talking, swearing, and profanity are prohibited.
  5. Students are to keep the bus clean and free from damage.

The supervision of students while being transported is the responsibility of the bus driver who reports any student misconduct to the terminal manager who will report to the appropriate school building principal.  Students who do not follow the rules will be subject to any or all of the following consequences:

  1. Warning and assigned seat on bus;
  2. Conference with principal and warning letter to parents;
  3. Suspension of bus privilege as determined by principal

The Cedarburg School District has approved the use of video cameras on school buses for the primary purpose of reducing disciplinary problems and vandalism on the bus and thereby, allowing the driver to focus on the driving of the bus and providing for safer transportation of students.  The viewing and use of any videotaped materials shall be in accordance with district policy 7440.01 - Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring.





Last Updated: 8/12/16

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