Common Sense Newspaper

Advisor:  Ms. Heather Vande Sande (

Meeting Location: room 23 (Ms. Vande Sande’s classroom)

Meeting Times/Dates:  Four deadline weeks per year

Description:  Join an enthusiastic staff of writers, computer-layout designers, photographers, advertisers and cartoonists. We have fun working and learning together to produce a newspaper. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a wide variety of students and to experience the personal reward of seeing your work published four times a year. Staff members also travel to a statewide student journalism conference, where the newspaper is entered into competition. Become a part of an award-winning newspaper staff.

Membership: Anyone may join.

Student Leadership:  Any student interested in becoming an editor in his junior or senior year should have taken an active role as a reporter and on the layout staff as a freshman and sophomore. Any editor also needs to have taken the one-semester Journalism course.

Last Updated: 12/11/15

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