Advisor: Liz Smith email and David Wyatt email

Meeting Location: 

Meeting Times/Dates: Late November through April

Regular individual practices 2 times per week
Team meetings 1-2 hours a month
Competitions 3-4x/month (usually Saturdays)

Description: With 16 different categories of reading, speaking, creativity, and acting, students can develop their ability to do just about anything with their voices and gestures. Whether you like to speak alone or in groups, memorize or read from a script, be humorous or serious, Forensics has a category to suit you. Competitions are approximately three Saturdays per month in January, February, and March. Generally 30–50 students actively participate. High team spirit, individuality, and a lot of fun mark this group—come check us out!

Membership: Anyone may join.

Student Leadership: Opportunities for upperclassmen who have been a part of the team previously are eligible to become forensics captains and historian


Last Updated: 1/13/17

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