Math Team

Advisor:  Stacy Lesmeister email and Amanda Vander Bunt email

Meeting Location: room 202

Meeting Times/Dates:  Practice problems are done by the mathlete on his/her own time. There are six 30–minute after school contests, one off–campus meet, and an online elimination bracket contest.

Description:  Math Team will appeal to you if solving math problems is a skill or interest of yours. At math meets students are presented with problems that range in difficulty to challenge those at the freshman, junior varsity, or varsity level. The Wisconsin Math League and Interstellar online competition are open to all who are apart of Math Team. From these competitions, a selected group of participants will represent CHS at the North Shore conference meet. If this sounds like it would be fun, sharpen your pencil, get out that scrap paper, start analyzing those sample problems, and sign up.

Membership: Anyone with an interest and ability in math.

Last Updated: 1/16/17

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