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2016 Financial Aid Presentation

Many families are understandably concerned about meeting rising college costs. Any candidate for admission to college should apply for financial aid if his or her family feels that they may not be able to pay the entire cost. Early in the senior year students should be sure to check the financial aid deadlines and the forms which are required by each college they are considering. Students should pursue all possible sources of financial aid. Please keep in mind, however, that "financial need" can differ greatly from "financial want."

In January of the student's senior year, seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend a financial aid workshop that is sponsored by the Cedarburg High School counseling department. Parents will be notified with information regarding this meeting.

A Word of Caution
Beware of services that charge money to find scholarships and financial aid. Often they have official sounding names. Too often they charge huge sums of money to find resources that are available for free from the federal government, state government, and post-secondary schools. We strongly urge you to contact the Better Business Bureau or the Wisconsin State Attorney General's office before you contract for any of these "services."


FAFSA is the acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is required for anyone wishing to be considered for federal-based grants and loans and other monies at post-secondary schools.  Students and families applying for financial aid are encouraged to complete the online application as the process is quick, and the turnaround time is cut in half compared to the paper application.  It normally takes two weeks to receive a response when filing on-line as opposed to the mail-in paper version, which takes four to five weeks. The on-line version has a downloadable preliminary worksheet to help estimate the amount of financial aid for which the student would qualify.

Before beginning the process of applying on-line for federal aid, it is necessary for students and parents to obtain PIN numbers, which will also serve as electronic signatures.  Apply for your PIN numbers early.  This can be done well in advance of filing your tax returns.  Apply for a PIN at:

FAFSA Video for Students


The next step is to file an application with FAFSA. Use the banner below to link to this government site. (WARNING !!! The site "" is a commercial site run by unscrupulous people who charge lots of money for what is free through the government site. Don't use it by mistake!) - FAFSA Application 

FAFSA4caster (instantly calculate eligibility for federal student aid) -

FAFSA WEBINARS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  Everything you need to know about completing the FAFSA. Register today at:


Financial Aid/Scholarship Websites

College Goal Wisconsin - This even held throughout Wisconsin assists students and parents on how to complete the FAFSA.

FinAid: The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid - Information about loans, scholarships, military aid, financial aid calculators, etc.

Sallie Mae - Sallie Mae is a source for educational loans.

Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB)
The HEAB is responsible for the management and supervision of the state's student financial aid system for Wisconsin residents attending institutions of higher learning.

Student Aid on the Web
This site has federal, state, and other sources of information. It also contains links to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission's fraud information.

UW System - UW System info regarding the financial aid process geared toward students and families.

FastAID - This site contains a private sector college scholarship database.

FASTWEB - The Internet's largest free scholarship search service.

529s - This site contains private sector financial aid information.

Scholarship Experts - A resource that has been helping students find free money for college since 1984. - This site has unlimited access to a database of 2.4 million scholarships.

College Board - Scholarship search engine of nearly $6 billion in funds.

CollegeExpress - Scholarship search engine and helpful listing of featured scholarships.

To the best of our knowledge, these websites provide free scholarship searches and applications.  We do not endorse any scholarship or processes that require students to pay a fee.


Other Financial Aid Resources

Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity form

The Midwest Student Exchange Program, or MSEP, is a multi-state tuition reciprocity program.






All scholarships received by the CHS Counseling Office are now listed in Naviance under the "colleges" tab. If you need assistance with your Naviance account, please contact the CHS Counseling Secretary.
Scholarship donors and agencies have their own sets of criteria on which they award money. The sources of these scholarships can come from high school clubs; individuals; business and industry groups; community, state, and national organizations; colleges and universities; and religious organizations. Scholarships may also be available through post-secondary schools, the student's employer, parents' employers, civic, religious, and other special interest organizations. Students who are looking for additional funds may wish to pursue a search of these possible sources directly and/or through a scholarship search on the internet.The criteria for each scholarship establish is as varied as the donor sources listed above. A common set of criteria for winning scholarships is generally academic excellence (achievement and quality of program), leadership (active participation in school and community organizations), service/commitment to school and community, and individual integrity.

The CHS Counseling Office receives scholarship notifications on a regular basis.  We will try to inform you of new awards as they become available.  Keep in mind that many colleges offer scholarships that are not listed.  Contact the school you want to attend for specific information. Remember to watch deadlines!  If the scholarship requires a transcript or other information official from the CHS Counseling Office, you must return the application at least five school days prior to the application deadline.


Scholarship Tips:
1. Meet the deadline - A day late is too late.
2. Ask someone to look over your application packet to be sure you filled in all required blanks and signatures.
3. Type your essay and be sure you addressed the topic completely. Do not expect to write a good essay in five minutes.
    Write;  rewrite; and then read your essay aloud. You do not have to have grand aspirations to write a good essay.
    Write about realistic goals and plans.
4. Ask for reference letters early. Asking a teacher or employer to write a letter two days before the scholarship deadline is
    too risky. You do not want to depend on someone else making YOUR deadline.
5. Prepare an outline of the following:
    a) Academic Achievement
    b) Extracurricular Activities
    c) Volunteer/Community Service
    d) Jobs/Employment
CHS & CCSF Scholarship Applications
For more information about scholarships contact Greg Johnson, CHS Scholarship Coordinator at or 262.376.6234.

Last Updated: 1/30/17

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