WTS E2:Enrich and Extend - Gifted and Talented Program

Webster's E2 (Enrich & Extend): Cedarburg's GT Program

Webster's E2 will provide extended enrichment and challenge for students whose needs go beyond the core curriculum.  Activities will be designed to address high levels of readiness and ability.  E2 opportunities will be designed to help students develop and practice advanced 21st century critical and creative thinking as well as collaboration skills.


The Cedarburg School District believes that gifted programming is an integral part of the total educational program.

Gifted behavior emerges in people at different times and under different circumstances.

The school district will provide adaptations when giftedness is identified and accommodations are warranted.

Contact:  If you have questions regarding Webster's E2 or our gifted and talented programming, please contact Mr. Matczak, Webster's E2 Coordinator, at smatczak@cedarburg.k12.wi.us.

Useful links:

Cedarburg School District GT Website--Explore areas of giftedness, find answers to questions frequently asked, and links to additional resources

Northwestern University Center for Talent Development -- Learn more about NUMATS

WCATY --Learn more about the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth


Last Updated: 10/13/15

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