Science Fair Projects

Science Experiments--ideas for Science Fair Projects

Earth Science

Biomes - world biomes including Taiga, Tundra, and Deciduous Forest

Biology of Plants - information on plant parts, pollination, adaptations,etc. by the Missouri Botanical Garden

Biomes of the World - biomes of the world by the Missouri Botanical Garden

Forest Biome - web quest

Franklin's Forecast - learn about today's weather technologies and build your own weather station

Weather Unit - includes vocabulary, activities, questions and resources

Weather Wiz Kids - explains the different types of weather to children

WeatherBug - direct link to weather station on top of Cedarburg High School!

Hubble Deep Field - images of the deep field from the Hubble Telescope

Inside the Space Station - information on each planet, shows the orbit of each planet

Kids Space - information on space:   games, puzzles and coloring pages

Nine Planets - site has text and images relating to the planet and it's moons

Nova Online - information on identifying stars, constellations, star maps and finding planets

The Space Place - interesting facts

The Solar System - regularly updated information on the solar system

NASA's Mars Exploration - games, activities and interactives related to Mars

NASA - track the space station and crew

Planet 10 - interactive virtual tour of our solar system

Surfing for Sunbeams - shows video of the sun rotating and the different layers of the sun.

NASA's Planetary Photojournal - fabulous NASA photos for each of the planets with explainations.

Welcome to the Planets - displays various pictures and information about each planet

Amazing Space - great source for pictures and activities about the solar system

Astro Ranger - (you need to click on the link "Restart Astro Ranger site" to enter the game.) a fun site that allows children to visit the 9 planets, along with other games and activities.

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids - learn more about nature, the environment and environmental issues

Smithsonian Institute - virtual tour of the Smithsonian dinosaur exhibits

San Diego Kids Habitat - well written fossil section including real photos

Explore Space Travel-provided through DK allows for searching of information on space travel as well as clipart.

Fun with Science - learn about the solar system, tour Mars, take a star tour, monitor the earth.

Enchanted learning - explains about the moon's craters


Life Science

The Great Plant Escape - experiments and problem solving for students as they journey into the world of plants

Coral Reef Animals from Enchanted Learning - printouts and descriptions of coral reef animals

Coral Reef Animals from SeaWorld - photographs and brief descriptions of coral reef animals

Discovery Channel Online - educational resources such as: homework help, learning games, and teaching materials

Enchanted Learning (Biomes) - information on the complex community of plants and animals in a region and climate called a biome

Exploring Science and Technology - explores the process and components of photosynthesis, energy transfers and changes, energy pyramids and food chains

Life Science-Human Body

Living Things - four different sections:  individuals, families, neighborhoods and the circle of life

The Desert USA - information on plants, animals, geology and people

The Desert- information charts and graphs on the desert

Children's Butterfly Site - photographs, life cycle and activities

Farm Animals - information on various breeds of farm animals

General Resources on Whales - contains a virtual field trip about whales, great pictures

Montery Bay Aquarium - information on coral reefs and penguins with a live feed camera on the penguin exhibit

The New England Aquarium - penguin information and exhibit as well as other marine animals

Jurassic Park Institute - great site on dinosaurs for many different ages

Dole5aday - great site for eating right and staying healthy

Bag a McMeal - lists the calories, transfats, sodium, % of nutritional value for every McDonalds item. 

Nutrition Pyramid - Your access point for the USDA food guidance system.  It contains the latest news, background information, and resources about the food guidance system.

Kids Eating Healthy - New kid friendly web site from the Food and Drug Administration makes counting calories and choosing healthy snacks easy for kids.  Kids can connect what they are learning to what they see on labels in the stores.


Recyclecity-Reuse, Recycle and Reduce Waste

Rainforest Animals 

Journey North

My Pyramid Blast Off- Game with a space theme that supports learning about nutrition and the food pyramid.+

Nutrition Explorations- Activities to help students learn about nutrition.


Physical Science

Simple Machines - basic diagrams and information

Simple Machines- the Simple Machines Construction Site: a variety of activities and lesson plans

Tour of Simple Machines - Take a tour of rooms in a house.  Children have to find simple machines and answer questions.

Chem 4 Kids - information on all areas of chemistry:  elements, matter, atoms, 123  math and compounds

The Atom's Family - variety of activities dealing with physical science

Element Chart-periodic table of elements