Photo Name Title Email Phone Profile
Adams, Ann Adams, Ann Paraprofessional Email Profile
Albers, Elizabeth Albers, Elizabeth CPAC Administrative Assistant Email Profile
Albert, Chris Albert, Chris Social Studies Teacher Email Profile
Anderson, Douglas Anderson, Douglas Student Supervisor Email Profile
Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Michelle Third Grade Teacher Email 262-376-6742 Profile
Andre, Erin Andre, Erin 6th Grade Math Teacher Email Profile
Aswegan, David Aswegan, David Band Teacher Email 262.376.6581 Profile
  Bailey, Megan Head Girls Hockey Coach Email Profile
  Bakke Sweeney, Heather School Counselor Email Profile
Balzar, Anton Balzar, Anton 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Email Profile
  Barrie, Clare Counselor Email Profile
Barth, Heidi Barth, Heidi Paraprofessional Email Profile
Bartlein, Siri Bartlein, Siri 1st Grade Teacher Email 262-376-6841 Profile
Batiansila, Jennifer Batiansila, Jennifer Student Supervisor Email Profile
  Batiansila, Kellen Custodian Email Profile
Bauman, Molly Bauman, Molly English Teacher Email Profile
Beaudet, Brian Beaudet, Brian Social Studies Teacher Email Profile
  Beaumont, Kelly French Teeacher Email Profile
Behrs, Christopher Behrs, Christopher Art Teacher Email Profile
  Benkley, John Custodian Email Profile
Benson Hora, Victoria Benson Hora, Victoria Music Department Chair and Vocal Music Director Email 262-376-6286 Profile
  Benvenuto, Abigail Instruction & Supervisory Aide Email Profile
Berens, Kim Berens, Kim Paraprofessional Email Profile
Berg, Trent Berg, Trent Assistant Principal (M-Z) Email (262)376-6204 Profile
Beutel, Autumn Beutel, Autumn Paraprofessional Email Profile
Bieszk, Jean Bieszk, Jean Health Room Aide Email Profile
Blank, Wendy Blank, Wendy 6th Grade Math Teacher Email Profile
Boerner, Laura Boerner, Laura Paraprofessional Email Profile
Bohlen, Hannah Bohlen, Hannah Second Grade Teacher Email 262.376.6755 Profile
Bowie, Shawn Bowie, Shawn Special Education Teacher Email Profile
Boyer, Gale Boyer, Gale Parkview Elementary School Office Aide Email 262-376-6800 Profile
  Brandt, Renee Email Profile
Brittingham, Teresa Brittingham, Teresa Building Secretary Email 262-376-6905 Profile
  Brooks, Jack 4th Grade Teacher Email 262-376-7745 Profile
Bruggink, Lindsey Bruggink, Lindsey Speech Language Pathologist Email 262-376-6827 Profile
Bublitz, Lisa Bublitz, Lisa Payroll/Fringe Benefits Coordinator Email 262-376-6113 Profile
Bublitz, Sherry Bublitz, Sherry Counseling Office Administrative Assistant/Registrar Email 262-376-6230 Profile
Bucheger, Barb Bucheger, Barb Title 1 Reading/Math Interventionist Aide Email Profile
Bugnacki, Todd Bugnacki, Todd Superintendent Email 262-376-6115 Profile
Burczyk, Jenna Burczyk, Jenna 8th Grade Math Teacher Email 262-376-6519 (Email is preferred) Profile
Burger, Mary Burger, Mary Music Teacher Email Profile
Burke, Sarah Burke, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher Email Profile
Buss, Kristie Buss, Kristie 6th Grade Science Teacher Email 262-376-6597 Profile
Butler, Helen Butler, Helen Parkview: Reading Interventionist/Reading Recovery Teacher Email 262 376 6855 Profile
Butzler, Charlotte Butzler, Charlotte Fourth Grade Teacher Email Profile
  Butzler, Nathan School Resource Officer Email Profile
Bystol, Joellen Bystol, Joellen Family and Consumer Science Teacher Email 262-376-6356 Profile
Callen, Mary Callen, Mary Student Supervisor Email Profile
Captaine, Matthew Captaine, Matthew Physics & Mathematics Teacher Email 262-376-6349 Profile
Carpenter, Robin Carpenter, Robin First Grade Teacher Email Profile