Webster Transitional School


RED RIBBON WEEK     October 20 - 24

This year's theme is: "Your Voice Can Help Someone Make The Right Choice!"

  • Monday Oct 20th red wrist bands passed out in each homeroom
  • Tuesday Oct 21st Popcorn lunch with Officer Mike 11 am-1 pm
  • Wednesday Oct 22nd Harriet Turk (national motivational speaker on healthy choices)speaks to Webster student at CHS Fieldhouse @ 9:45
  • Friday Oct 24th Student Council holds Game night (PPI sponsors with gift certificates for raffle)



PTO MAGAZINE SALE Turn-in Dates:  

Wednesday, October 8

Wednesday, October 15

Wednesday, October 22



6th Grade Supply List 14-15

6th Grade Supply Order Form 14-15

7th Grade Supply List 14-15

8th Grade Supply List 14-15

7th & 8th Grade School Pak Online Ordering




The 6th, 7th and 8th grade 2014-2015 Course Description books are ready for your review on the General Information page.


Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
School wide expectations (RISE)
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Memorial Day Observation


The mission of Webster Transitional School is to recognize the unique physical and emotional characteristics of the middle school child and guide each student intellectually and socially to become a life-long learner and responsible citizen.

Belief Statement

 We believe:

  1. In creating meaningful child-centered educational experiences including collaboration and teamwork.
  2. In fostering positive academic, social, organizational, and behavioral skills.
  3. In meeting the needs of all students at their own individual levels of differentiating instruction and recognizing each student's strengths, talents and learning styles.
  4. In promoting creativity in thought and expression and developing discriminating thinking.
  5. In challenging our students to perform at their highest level.
  6. In teaching responsibility, respect, tolerance, and appreciation beyond self.
  7. In fostering positive and caring relationships within the school.
  8. In promoting a sense of pride and unity in the school.
  9. In providing a safe and comfortable environment.
  10. In communicating effectively between home and school and within the school.
  11. In fostering positive community involvement and citizenship.
  12. In developing an awareness of and appreciation for the process of change in an ever-changing world.